Meet Nunzio Prenna The Man Behind The Fantastic Shots

Meet Nunzio Prenna The Man Behind The Fantastic Shots

He is a force to reckon with. A photographer whose photos are not taken in a hurry. He is known for his great skills of capturing the moment in a dramatic way. His work has featured in top fashion magazines and in various platforms online. The man in question here is Nunzio Prenna. He is a skilled London commercial photographer with lots of experience in photography. Born in a small town in south Italy called Castellaneta, Nunzio went to the UK eight years ago for a summer holiday. At that time he was still at the university. He fell in love with the city and decided he would go back to work and finally settle in London.

At the university, he studied 3D with the desire of working in the movie or advertisement industry.  After graduation, he relocated to London in search for work in the movie industry but did not get any since these kind of jobs were hard to come by. He ended up in an architectural firm as a 3D visualizer. Nunzio enjoyed his work but felt there was something missing and that was photography.  His interest in photography started way back when he was young and in school. He took shots during school trips just for fun. This, later on, inspired him and he started taking more and more photos whenever he had the opportunity.

Nunzio Prenna also owns and runs a photography studio in East London called 69 drops studio in London. He is good at capturing fashion events, interior decors, products for businesses and product marketing, nature and even the exterior. He is the safe pair of hands when it comes to delivering clients desires. He will not only take a shot but will take a shot that leaves a mark in the eyes of those who see it.  He is an accomplished photographer who is not afraid of exploring the different aspects of photography.

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